Yang Xin

How do we understand AI and study their evolutionary paradigms?


Date: 2024

Medium: AI generated and enhanced videos

Duration: 11 mins

ReAI-lity is an installation of 36 videos that use the AI-generating process as a means of altering and fabricating a new AI-reality, which I have termed ‘reAI-lity’.

As a new popular phenomenon, AI has captured the attention of people worldwide. Since the intricacies of AI algorithms and their internal workings are often beyond direct human comprehension—how do we understand them and study their evolutionary paradigms?

Historically, humans have a longstanding tradition of collecting and observing things, which has been instrumental in discovery and innovation, shaping our understanding of the world around us. For a variety of reasons—spanning scientific, educational, conservation, aesthetic, and practical motivations—humans are drawn to collecting things in glass containers, such as animals, plants, and samples of newly discovered things. Similarly, in researching AI, the visual presentation of outcomes plays a crucial role, serving both in storytelling and as a means of facilitating communication in research.

In ReAI-lity, for study of this new popular things, all AI-generated objects are displayed inside transparent glass containers, as if under observation and study. Each object's details, including the generated models, prompts, and dates, are annotated on labels attached to the containers.








How AI can examine AI?