Yang Xin

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Xin Yang’s Bio

Xin Yang is a multidisciplinary artist who practices at the intersection of art and technology. Her works encompass installation, painting, image, and animation, and adopt fluid and decentralized perspectives to interrogate the impact of the Ecosystem, human society, and technology on each other.

Xin earned her MFA in Art and Technology Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she was honored with the prestigious Pritzker Grad Fellowship. She holds a bachelor's degree from the Central Academy of Fine Art in China. Her works have been exhibited at the Modern Art Museum in, Shanghai, China; Today Art Museum, Beijing, China; Shenzhen Museum, Shenzhen, China; UB Art Museum, Buffalo, USA; White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney, Australia, etc. She was selected for the “ Porsche Young Chinese Artist of the Year” award in 2017 and “ The 4th Edition of Wallpost Artist Awards” in 2019, and was also invited to attend Asia Contemporary Art Week in New York, USA in 2017.

Solo Exhibition


- MicroII, Klein Sun Gallery, New York, America


- Micro, SPACE STATION, Beijing, China

Group Exhibition


- EXPO Chicago, Navy Pier's Festival Hall, Chicago, US


- One Moment Eternity, China Shipping Pavilion, Shanghai, China


- Lumen, White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney, Australia


- Those who see and know all, are all an can do all, 798 Art Center, Beijing, China

- Physis - Production of Nature, Human and Technology, - Hubei Museum of Art, Wuhan, China


- The 4th Wallpost Artiest Exhibition, Beijing Times Art Museum, Beijing, China


- Simulacrum Living 2017 Chines contemporary Art Exhibition, Shenzhen Museum, Shenzhen, China

- Ecology+(Young’nergy), Modern Art Museum, Shanghai, China


- Vile Bodies, White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney, Australia

- Art Beijing, Agricultural Exhibition Centre, Beijing, China


- Shanghai Art 021, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China

- Visions of Printmaking, China Academy of Art, Beijing, China

- Spoon Art Fair, Hongik University, Seoul Museum of Art and Gymnasium, South Korea, Seoul

- Istanbul Art Fair, Istanbul, Turkey


- Art Beijing, Agricultural Exhibition Centre, Beijing, China


- Wei Chun Poon Choi, KONG SPACE, Beijing, China

- Transparency (1), SPACE STATION, Beijing, China


- Beijing Buffalo— cooperation and exchange exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

- Central Academy of Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

- China International Youth Art Exhibition, T Art Center, Beijing, China


- Buffalo Beijing —cooperation and exchange exhibition, UB Art Museum, Buffalo, USA