Specimen Identification

: ReAI-lity 01-8

Date of Acquisition

: January 17, 2024


: Midjourney Model Version 5.2, Gen-2


: "Fish are swimming is one glass container"


: 00:02:08

Observation Notes


Content Description:

The uploaded animated video depicts a cylindrical glass container with a trio of fish swimming in a vertical loop. The fish exhibit a consistent swimming pattern, looping continuously without a discernible start or end point.

Ichthyological Features:

The fish display morphological features characteristic of certain bony fish species, including body shape, fin placement, and pigmentation patterns. However, the vertical orientation and looping swimming behavior are not typical of fish in a natural aquatic environment, which would usually exhibit horizontal orientation and varied swimming patterns. The pattern of spots on the fish's body could be an identifying feature for a specific species, although without additional context or variation in features, it is not sufficient for a definitive identification.

Animation and Movement:

The animation is smooth, with a high frame rate to simulate realistic motion in the fish's swimming. The cyclical nature of the animation loop might be intended to emphasize the perpetual motion of fish within an enclosed space.

Rendering Technique:

The AI has rendered the transparency and refractive qualities of the glass container with realism, suggesting an understanding of light physics in the generation process. The lack of environmental features such as substrate, aquatic flora, or other typical tank furnishings focuses attention solely on the fish and their movement.

Biological Realism and Artificiality:

Despite the realistic appearance, the image lacks biological realism in terms of behavior and environment, as previously noted with the unnatural vertical swimming loop. The artificial context could be purposefully designed to focus on aesthetics or to demonstrate the AI's ability to synthesize and animate living organisms within constrained environments.


The content demonstrates AI's ability to create dynamic and visually striking animations that simulate aspects of aquatic life. However, the absence of ecological accuracy points to the content's purpose as visual art or illustration rather than an accurate scientific depiction of fish behavior or habitat. The work could be beneficial for studying the intersections of technology, art, and biology, or for exploring how AI interprets and represents living organisms in controlled settings.


Analysed by ChatGPT 4